The Orvis SuperFine Touch masters the art of presenting small dry flies to finicky surface feeding fish. This is a production rod that does what a custom carpet fibre, glass or bamboo rod is usually tasked to do. I have no complaints. FREE Shipping when you order through CrossCurrents Fly Shop. Fly fish forum. Details. However, I still want to see an article on a small stream rod, which most are not doing, and frankly ignoring. It's now been replaced by the new Orvis Superfine Carbon and sits alongside the new Superfine Glass, for those who … SHARE. The Superfine Glass fly rod was voted the best fiberglass rod by Fly Fisherman magazine. What's it like to cast? The Superfine Glass proved to be one of the best when pressed into service with other flies as the need arose. We traveled to the Orvis headquarters in Manchester, VT this fall and had the chance to cast each and every rod in the 3F series. Culturally inclined and well preserved, Asheville is surrounded by majestic mountains, lush national forest lands and scores of fresh water rivers and streams. I’m happy to report that the answer is yes, the superfine is very superfine. It is also has very robust fighting strength. Or, they can try to address the insult...and prove you right. I caught a 28" carp on mine last year. Has anyone fished the 8'6" 5wt in the series? Such a fellow would surely not stoop to acidic remarks from the safety of a pseudonym. This is going to be one of those rods. Much of my fishing has been in small rivers, creeks and alpine lakes. In my opinion, Orvis got it right with the superfine. I have been having a difficult time finding any comparisons between the recon 8'6" 4 wt or the glass or carbon superfine 7'6" 4 wt. My only fault to the rod as well. I buy my rods there because it's a good deal and Craig Mathews puts his money where his mouth is--for real. I love how they pull of the light and soft touch. If super tight streams and hidden backcountry creeks are where you play, then you need a Superfine Glass 3-wt. I found I needed to fight off the butt more, leaving the tip straighter, and this gave me enough stiffness to thwart a runaway while still protecting the tippet. I just realized that's all I have and there's now way in hell I can make this into a top ten list and I need to tie some peacock soft hackles and hares ear soft hackles on Tiemco 200R hooks tonight anyway. I am not surprised that you this rod. Kudos for another unbiased report. Click through to find out more from our detailed rod reviews! I snapped the end of the butt section of my Trout Bum 7'6" 3wt yesterday catching a 19" bow...yes, I did manage to land it. That’s saying a lot. Glass is more difficult to cast in the wind and provides more of a challenge when casting larger flies. That's because I never said this was an affordable fly rod. I'll let you kids decide what's "affordable. Ed I think Tom hit the most important point when going with a 2 or 3wt here in NC, size. As I'm sure some of you here can relate, having two small children does cut into being able to buy rods (the last bamboo rod I bought was 4 years ago). They actually have a little pop to them. Description ; FEATURES ; Reviews (0) Description. to carry to altitude for those times that the wind really blows, which happens often high in the Rockies. Orvis has been selling its own brand of fly lines since 1971. As Tom stated, "The tip is light enough to roll just a little bit of line under overhanging brush, and the taper is slow enough to deliver the fly line with a great deal of delicacy." If you can get the blanks go for it,you can get a much better looking stick built for less and it's 'bespoke' too.... TC can be as snarky as he wants,it's his playground....ya gotta be able to blow off steam. The latter only really has one defining characteristic while the former has to accommodate several. Just cruising the internet and came across your review. I'll enjoy for quite some time. We found we could get well-presented flies out to fish feeding 40-45 feet away – about as far as you’d generally ever need to go with a small dry fly! What's wrong with traditional nickel silver and a. wood spacer if you want a refined look? LUCCMAN, congradulations, for a first glass rod you hit on a real nice all around rod. 9. It's not the line weight so much as the length; I arely fish a fly rod shorter than 8' -- I want the reach too much to fish anything shorter. The 4wt feels so much more robust. Not that you'll have an opportunity to use either in the small stream setting, I was just curious ... Great review Tom. I understand. This is a crowded river that routinely yields, opportunities at fish of a lifetime. If that is "not too much" as you suggest, then you. I used the 7'6" 3wt on a recent south fork of the Kings River 4 day hiking/fishing trip. This little gem has all the feel and delicacy of presentation that I expect in a great fiberglass rod, and something I didn’t. TC obviously is not a bought and and for spokesman for XYZ rod company 3. This 5-weight is a perfect for dry flies but can easily handle a Nymph Rig and even streamers. 4. I won’t lie to you, I like my bling (as if you did not know) – it’s a curse that I have to bare. Not the cheapest and not the most expensive. *Your purchase helps to support the work of Gear Institute. This is not the place for the "big guns." Being that TC fishes more than I do these days, his perspective on fly rods is a hell of a lot more accurate than mine. So I'm still beating my head against my phone, sifting through articles and reviews on glass rods. There are many great fisherman in the world, but few great fishing guides. This 764-3 rod ships with original sock and rod tube. Orvis lines can be broken down into 4 product lines: Clearwater, Access, Hydros, and Hydros HD. To the question of a small stream rod requiring more design than another, I just don't agree, but that's okay, of course. I'm tempted to tell you to fuck off, though that's probably the wrong tack. Though all the rods in this class work best when fishing dry flies to rising trout, there often comes a time when anglers will need to tie on something other than a dry if they want to catch fish. Mudhole sells Orvis blanks, but often not at the top end. Chris, So, the way I see it is...if you dont want to pay 500 bones for an outfit...stay out of the Orvis store, and dont bother reading a review on it. That's a form of criticism, for sure, but seemed the sort of thing a writer (like Chandler) ought to be able to take. "How does the 3wt compare to the 4wt?" Shorter rod length works well on small streams with brushy banks, Stiff butt section helps work big fish caught on light tippets, Good casting accuracy within 40-foot range, Soft presentations possible within 30-35 feet, Soft presentation not as easy to achieve as some of the other rods in this class, Fiberglass rod weighs a bit more than graphite rods, Casting distance compromised by shorter rod length. BTW -- nice website. Dan: TC, Have you written a rod review with lower price points?Something a little more,”trout bummish?”Is there any such thing as a great casting rod under..say $250.00?How about a small stream rod vs Upper Sac rod?Or is it simply time to stop squeezing the nickle so hard the buffalo, Tom. I also like the pricetag. I was ticked off when they discontinued the latter, and ordered a new far-and-fine from thir custom shop the next year thinking they would never build them again. Buy Now at ReelFlyRod! I am confident in the 3wt's ability to land the fish I'm trying to land. If I was pimping, I also wouldn't be publishing negative reviews (I panned the Glacier Glove River Rat pack and Patagonia's "Rock Grip" wading boots), nor highlighting Sage's overbearing sales copy for their "One" rod. They are a wonderful anglers compliment when fishing small streams. Brilliant! Orvis Battenkill II with Orvis Hydros 4wt line. I own a Trident 4wt and love it. I've always enjoyed your gear reviews. I think most of Echo's stuff is made overseas now, certainly all the rods of theirs that I own. Jerry Siem Discusses the Sage CIRCA Fly Rod | MidCurrent Sage CIRCA Has New Technology, Old-School Feel Of the New Orvis Superfine Touch, full flex graphite fly rod. The Superfines aren't especially "slow" tapered, but I'd say they are light. Where it starts to break down is about 40 ft of line out. Online Orvis Superfine Carbon Review. But that's just an opinion. Contrast that with others offering up uncritical "wow" reviews seconds after the gear comes out of the box (or while the junket is still in progress) -- and tell me again I'm in the business of pimping for this industry. One person may consider it real affordable while another may think it's overpriced. I've since cast & fished the 8.5' 3wt, which is a very precise rod, but (not surprisingly) lacks a little of the feel/feedback that makes the 8' 4wt so special. With that comes the realization you will be chasing fingerlings up to 6", 8" and over are trophies! This little gem has all the feel and delicacy of presentation that I expect in a great fiberglass rod, and something I didn’t. Still, it's an excellent small stream rod. I admit, I initially was leaning towards the 4wt, but once I picked up a short 3wt, I figured a more all-around size would be warranted. Until two years ago, I fished cane exclusively. That doesn’t mean you can’t use the Orvis Superfine Glass rod for slower casting rhythms–it manages them with a classic arc, but I can’t include large stream fishing in this review. I think it might be a really nice rod, and Rosenbauer assured me they put a lot of effort in the heavier lined-versions. The best idea would be to talk to your local fly shop. And if I can glean useful information about the gear I buy here while making my fishing plans, isn't THAT reason enough for all of us to check this site 5 or 6 times a day? Or a drab matte finish if you want a stealthy tool in close quarters? Tom. Orvis Superfine Glass 764 with Battenkill II reel. I was not disappointed- getting this rod out of its bag and tube was great – it was a thing of beauty… The rod bag is well made and there was a smell of new rod newness – I am sure that rod bag had just been made the previous week. Die ORVIS Glass Fliegenrutenserie umfasst drei dreiteilige Einhand-Fliegenruten, in den Schnurklassen #3, #4 und #5 und in den Längen 7'0" (210 cm), 7'6" (228 cm) und 8'0" (240 cm), (alles Stand: April 2014). Given the interest in more "low end" rods (a marketing term used. 5wt in the series? I have the Superfine Trout Bum 7'6" #4 and I think it is the best small stream rod ever made. Next week: Waders, is $500 enough to stay dry? I am not sure how much they could have improved it in this new line. However, I happened to meet a boy on my hike out of a wilderness lake. actioned -- they load up with very little line out. a nicely conducted review with good photos once again, thank you. Just cast dries to spooky wild trout. A new standard has arrived in fiberglass fly rods. It’s adored because it offers such fine control that it makes you feel one with your rod. I’ve spent most of the colder months fishing my new Orvis 7’6″ 4 weight, Superfine Glass. I just fished it a couple of times on the Silver Fork of the American River, and it works great. [...] Older Bro fished an 8.5′ 3wt Orvis Superfine Touch that is an impressive fishing tool, though it offers just a skoosch less feedback than the truly impressive 8′ 4wt Superfine Touch. Add up all of the tech, the know-how and sheer effort involved in producing a fly rod, and still – IMO – two-thirds of fly rods miss the mark, including some in the upper price echelons. The Glass also works well when drifting small nymphs or dry-dropper rigs (fishing with a dry fly rigged with a small nymph hanging below it) on those same mid-sized waters. but it's ok, because i wholeheartedly agree on one point... gold? One fo the better I have seen on any rod. I bought a Cabelas LSI 9' 3wt. Includes 4wt Orvis pro trout line. Asheville Anglers has been in operation since 2003 and will be for many years to come. Does that mean I"m gonna rush out and buy it? In fact I've considered using it for occasional trout trips and replacing the 4wt Superfine touch with the 2wt Superfine touch. The South Holston is one of the finest fisheries in the Appalachians. I guess I know at least one person who broke their Trout Bum, so perhaps improved durability is a good thing, but the new rod is quite ugly in comparison. I'm curious--you ever fish with an access rod? 1 year ago. We live in Western Montana and put 30+ plus days on the water including an annual week long trip into the Bob. Yours is the same. cane rods for the smaller waters. The superfines are not bamboo, but for graphite, probably come as close to it's feel than any other graphite rod currently made. Does Orvis really think the gold reel seat and their name covering a nice wood insert looks good? Und wozu braucht man so ein Fliegenrute? Orvis Superfine Touch fly rod review The Orvis Superfine Touch is a beautifully made full flex fly rod, ideal for delicately presenting dry flies for river trout. and "What line works best on this rod?". I thought you'd want the lighter rod as it'd be able to make those more delicate presentations (that copywriters always tout). 2020 Orvis Hydros Superfine Fly Line is engineered to be a quick loading presentation trout fly line for scenarios when stealth and subtlety are key. I whole heartedly agree the gold hardware has got to go. god, chandler, you get so bitchy/prissy when someone makes a critical comment. I am looking to purchase a 4 wt rod. I Hey, cool. This is the realm of accuracy, delicacy, finesse. One of our absolute favorites is the Orvis Superfine Glass. Speaking of fun factor, while a niche rod, the 6' 1wt is a hoot! 2. It is the largest lagoon along the North American East Coast, extending 80 mi long and 15 to 20 miles wide. lloyd: Thanks Tom, I did go with the 8’0? Hergestellt in Manchester, Vermont USA. I guess Tom, from now on….just state the price…and your readership can decide if its a good deal for them or not… to not rile the troops, as it were. The Superfine Touch is a beautiful rod to cast. This rod is surprisingly accurate for a glass rod and has an unmatched feel that makes fishing it a ball. Superfine Glass 3-weight 7’ 6” Fly Rod This 3-weight fiberglass fly rod is ideal for fishing small streams and creeks. A rod can nudge towards a "fast" taper but load up easily (the Superfines), and more than a few of us will describe them as "slow," which isn't particularly accurate. As any regular reader of this column knows, ... but as with any 4wt, you sacrifice power and backbone for delicacy. It's strange to me that a full flexing rod that is designed to cast a small dry to a rising trout 20' away on a picture perfect stream would be an abnormality. The 8' 4wt is the classic small stream fly rod. It has the biggest fish in the state, and the most experienced. Thanks Tom, I did go with the 8'0" 4wt. […] Re: Glass vs plastic A graphite Sage Circa is a slow action fly rod made for those that prefer that type of action. Is there any such thing as a great casting rod under..say $250.00? These glass rods are made in the USA, right, of the Orvis factory in Manchester, Vermont. We agree to differ, fucking off optional but not preferable (and rather unmerited given our rich history of jolly. Definitely makes little wild fish feel big, and I seem to be able to put flies where I want to. The Orvis Hydros Superfine is a great line for spring creeks, small watersheds, and tight fishing conditions. I am very curious to see how this rod will cast. The next rod for me will be a 7 1/2' 3/2 5wt bamboo fly rod made by a modern maker. I'm a fan of blue lining myself and more often than not non-designated waters. A supple slow-action taper coupled with a firm butt section makes the Superfine Glass a top-notch dry fly tool capable of handling big fish. Click below to check out this super-fine Superfine. Technische Daten. I do fish more then most (daily) but I have only had it for less then a week and I babied it. This is not the place for the "big guns." orvis superfine glass 7'6" 4wt fly rod: 764-3 The Orvis Superfine Glass Fly Rods series features a new and improved fiberglass blank construction designed to deliver flies at close range with the traditional feel. I am really concerned at the idea of feeling limited in the fly selection I will be able to utilize. The Pamlico Sound, is known as the fishing gem of North Carolina. I built one for a. friend in Chile and he really puts it to the test. A good fiberglass rod, and this one is very good, doesn’t need the weight of the line to load. Glad you like it. Orvis Superfine Glass - Fly rod quantity. We don't have any Orvis dealers where I am so no opportunity to test it out. Superfine Glass: Get ready to change the way you feel. While I've never met TC, I have no reason to think he'd bull. It is a fast action fly rod, but not blistering fast. Fiberglass fly rods are about feel, accurate casting, and that classic bend, and the Superfine Glass delivers these all perfectly. Hehe. I've found reddington butterstick, orvis superfine glass, and echos glass rods all to be put onto a … That may or may not be a big deal. It's a really fun rod and is quite versatile. A quality review and some good info on what to look for in a rod for small stream action. I also own two Superfine glass rods, the 3wt 7'6" and 4wt. The Superfine Glass fly rod was voted the best fiberglass rod by Fly Fisherman magazine. I fish a lot of streams, usually able to wade past any obstacles. I to have heard Tom Rosenbauer pimp the Superfines and I think the concept of a full flex rod is geared towards. They can let the personal insult go unchallenged, which is fine, I suppose, but even reasonable people can't be blamed for wanting to respond. The new Orvis glass rods are nice, I have the 7' 3wt, it is nice and crisp, and will also throw a DT-4 well. Glad to hear they're working out for you. ORVIS Superfine Carbon - 763-4 Full Flex ... (2012) und den Superfine Glass (ab 2014) nun in 2015 als Nachfolger der Touch die neuen Superfine Carbon. I have two 6' 2wt and love both of them for exactly what you are talking about. On a lighter note I would love to see. With a weight of 2 1/8 ounces. So I say, lets give Tom a pat on the back for reviewing a tool that most others will ignore. Orvis Hydros Superfine. I had been considering lighter weight rods (3 wt or maybe even a 2 wt) for the creeking here in NC and I was puzzled when reading your accounts of fishing small streams using a 5 wt. Proudly made in Manchester, VT. He can't afford it. Alle Orvis Superfine Glass Ruten sind 3-Teilig! I plan on staying in a Holiday Inn express next week in Texas on a business trip. Charter Fly Fishing Trip on the Neuse River and Pamlico Sound with Spec Fever Guide Service, We fish the Neuse River and Pamlico Sound for speckled seatrout, redfish, striper, flounder, giant red drum,bass, crappie, perch, bream and shad trips and the Crystal Coast for false. correspondence). Enough ass to throw a tandem nymph rig with split shot and a Thingamabobber. It's a great rod. Jonny, We get it already. Any opinion on how limited i will find myself with the 3wt. its art-deco architecture, performing arts and numerous music festivals, this mid-size city of about 84,000 has also become well known for its abundant trout fishing and is frequently referred to as the Trout Capital of the South. How about a small stream rod vs Upper Sac rod? TC, Have you written a rod review with lower price points? Other than the ascetics of using a rod that was built by a skilled artisan, the little superfine is a gem. $429.00. I wanted to clarify; I didn't like the gold color of the reel seat, but I loved the design of the thing. Making a cheaper version of the Superfine and then trying to tell me it is somehow better than the previous version, if you can believe that, is total BS. If the product you're reviewing is $200-$250 cheaper than its apparent competitors, it's probably something you should mention -- but it, doesn't translate to a recommendation as a best buy or anything. Miracle Mile conditions, I am forced to go to my Orvis Helios 2 broomstick. The Orvis Superfine Glass 7'6" 4wt Fly Rod is one smooth criminal. Full Day Wade Fishing Trip on the Watauga River, Watauga River Float Trip with Brookside Guides, Tuckaseegee River Float Trip with Brown Trout Fly Fishing, Tuckaseegee River Wade Trip with Curtis Wright Outfitters, Tuckaseegee River Float Trip with Curtis Wright Outfitters, Tuckesegge River Wade Trip with Asheville Anglers Guide Service, Tuckesegge River Float Trip with Asheville Anglers Guide Service, South Holston River Wade Trip with Asheville Anglers Guide Service, Regional fly-fishing tournament taking place in western North Carolina, Underground Review: The Orvis Superfine Touch 8' 4wt Small Stream Fly Rod. This 5-weight is a perfect for dry flies but can easily handle a Nymph Rig and even streamers. Superfine Glass 764-3 fly rod; Battenkill® II reel; Hydros® Superfine 4-Weight fly line; 20-lb. I fished that rod for 34 years before an airline lost it. My mistake - you said "terrific deal". , Yes, it doesn't have to do too much. It is. I thought the review was an honest depiction and represented the readership details of a tools ability to get the job done......pure and simple. I am doubting, however, that you are an angler, much less with the, dry. ml: god, chandler, you get so bitchy/prissy when someone makes a critical need thicker skin. A great fishing guide has to not only enjoy fishing, but enjoy teaching and passing on their knowledge to others. In other words, this river has a lot to offer. The blank, guides, wraps, tip … is my rod of choice for fishing for upper Potomac river smallmouths. Unser Testmodell war eine Orvis Superfine Glass in der Länge 7'6" und der Schnurklasse #4. So auch die Firma Orvis, die mit der ‘Superfine Glass’, eine bereits seit vierzig Jahren bestehende, speziell für diesen Anwendungsbereich gedachte, Rutenserie ergänzt. Take a look at my review of the SFT 802 here: Keep up the great work! Posted by. djohnson: not bitch at the writer about the price/vaule of the rod. Dacron® backing; Aluminum rod tube; Small canyon streams, quiet back eddies, and high mountain rivers ask for perfect presentation. Im on the UL side of things, so my SFT are a 761-4 and the 802-4 with custom reel seat (cork and rings like the old superfines). It’s just like the long legs of a woman: too sexy! Hope you guys continue having fun out there. I put the rod joints together and w… As to the cost....look around and you can score some deals. I can't speak to the 8.5' 3 and 4wt or the 8' 4wt versions of the rod, but given the quality of the 9' 5wt (and the $149 price) I'd suggest they're worth a look. Orvis Superfine Glass Fly Rod - 4wt 7'6" 3pc w/FLY LINE CREDIT. To me this rod doesn't appear to be overpriced since it's in the. for a 12" fish which will want to run you into downed timber... You get the picture. 3. I should re-read the review and see if I've done that. Something a little more,"trout bummish?" I have to agree with you on one major negative point as well though. I have thrown a couple glass rods back in the day, and one of the newer Diamondglass (8'6" 4wt) and it seems to have a similar action minus the feedback you get of the additional inertial during casting due to higher mass. I want one. You're one of those guys who always has to have the last word. Or is it simply time to stop squeezing the nickle so hard the buffalo craps in the Indian? So I say, lets give Tom a pat on the back for reviewing a tool that most others will ignore. Superfine Glass Fly Rod When it comes to slow, delicate presentations on skinny streams and technical creeks, the Orvis Superfine is one of our favorite fly rods. Als die Fliegenruten-Technologie sich in den letzten Jahren immer weiterentwickelte, wurden die Ruten immer schneller. He commented on the style of the original rod review. Shop Staff Notes: The Orvis Superfine Glass 8′ 5-weight Fly Rod is a cool rod to fish on small creek to even bigger rivers (though, not great in the wind). Click below to find out why it’s become such a rock star. 662-3 6'6" 2wt 3pc 763-3 7'6" 3wt 3pc 764-3 7'6" 4wt 3pc 805-3 8' 5wt 3pc 866-3 8'6" 6wt 3pc 888-4 8'8" 8wt 4pc There are many different variants of the Orvis Superfine Glass fly rod ranging from 2wt-6wt, where the price starts at $325. The tube is sturdy however its bottom is arched so you cannot sit it up unsupported. The Orvis Superfine Touch is a premium fly rod from Orvis with a soft, full flex action. For average. Jon Atherton. We’ve applied modern Orvis taper design principles to a classic rod-building material to produce a fiberglass rod that’s smooth and slow, yet crisp and strong. But it is not made for this type of fishing so no foul. Just that you thought price was the be all and end all. Recon vs superfine 4wt(glass or carbon) Discussion. I spend a couple of weeks a year, alone, above 12,500 feet fishing for greenback cutthroats. $425.00. It most certainly DID NOT sound like an industry-standard plug. In years past I have been a loyal customer of Orvis, but from an aesthetic point of view I think they have been missing the ball pretty frequently ever since they started using gold reel seats on their Trident TL rods and changed the porting and line guard of their CFO reels. At 7'6" for a 4-weight fly line it's a small stream dream and being made of fiberglass, it will make your 6" trout feel like a whale. I really love this rod and as most of my fishing is within 20' it's perfect. I tried the rod just for the heck of it. Casting Distance and Accuracy Lawn casted only. It does fine in this environment but it is definitely not a big river rod. He is based in the Pacific Northwest. know if it's all that great a rod, but I have fun. Today, Orvis lines are made by Scientific Anglers (which is also owned by Orvis). A terrific deal, my foot. I also have a Trout (8ft, #5). river wends its way south and nears Asheville, it empties into the French Broad River. Orvis Superfine Glass Review Date: 11/16/2018. We also felt that the 9’ 4wt perfectly captured the soul and the feel that Orvis was trying to build into the 3F rods.

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