Well his ex-girlfriend id also named Crystal? Im Byung Min (Lee Si Eon) is a top hacker and Do Jin Woong (Tae Won Suk) is a powerful fighter. We’re passionate about helping children learn and express themselves through acting, singing and dance, regardless if they are serious or not, your child will benefit from valuable skills our classes provide.For 25 years, Hier bei uns wird viel Wert auf eine faire Betrachtung des Ergebnisses gelegt und der Artikel zuletzt durch die abschließenden Note versehen. luckily the ending was not as disappointing compared to other dramas (which sometimes left you hanging) but this has a slight western touch which i quite like it. Jojo Tidakorn Pookaothong . Excited for a new drama with Krystal since she is an up and coming actress with tremendous potential and charisma. <3 <3. NBC ordered the pilot to series on May 8, 2015, and the show aired from September 24, to November 19, 2015 for one season. So much love from Nigeria ❤❤❤, niki Feb 11 2019 8:29 pm team <3 I really love the story. } Written By. Krystal looks superb though. Why are ocn dramas soo good?! The antagonist was beautifully played which contributed to the credibility of the show. Passionate about Britain’s best-loved dramas. Every story is related to the characters in a way that it is so satisfying watching them have a good ending with each story. With Tim Robbins, Greta Scacchi, Fred Ward, Whoopi Goldberg. No romance, but comedy and action makes me want to watch over and over again.. If you ahve watched Japan drama, Border you will know what I mean. highly highly recommended for all. Mrs. Malaprop and the Origin of Malapropisms. The Player is a unique crime K-drama that recently concluded on OCN. Season 2 please! Although its a slightly predictable plot, similar to mad dog and squad 38, I'm liking the chemistry their building between the 4 main characters. Wie oft wird der The player korean drama aller Voraussicht nach angewendet? Really love this drama, if you like watching drama that contain crime you should watch this! I hope that prosecutor Jang will stay alive, it's such a waste to let him die, I think that he also plays an important role in this show, I would be very sad if he die and very mad at the writer, a few broken bones would be enough but please don't let him die, I like him as much as the other 4 characters. The drama "The Player" has earned unwanted attention after having used the silhouette of the late president Roh Moo-hyun in the drama,... More [Korean Drama Spoiler] 'The Player' Episodes 3 and 4 Screenshots Added By clicking on "Accept", you agree to our use of cookies. [CDATA[ Bumkey Oct 21 2018 9:33 am Ryunami Oct 07 2018 4:22 am Definitely, a must-watched. 2 more episodes, can't believe it, this is such amazing drama, too bad its coming to an end. No but seriously, you NEED to watch it. I like Prosecutor Jang very much. Yadni Nov 05 2018 5:30 am I could watch it a bit because of Krystal casting... but I know I'm not gonna finish. Play implies a piece of literature, which is written in single or multiple acts, consisting of different scenes in each act.. this is the best action korean drama ever OMG??? I'm looking forward to where this drama will go. Is there a s2. Nonton Drama The Player Subtitle Indonesia. Vince Nov 11 2018 12:03 am And after googling it, i found this!! Hhahahha... Veron17 Sep 29 2018 7:53 pm really sick with all those same love story in kdrama land. first ep was so bomb like omg this is the kind of dramas i love. Year : 2018. Love the drama? From the executive producers of The Blacklist comes the action-packed Las Vegas-set thriller The Player. This is really amazing show. fall in love with this drama and Krystal :D. Kyosa Oct 16 2018 1:27 am Omg this is soo weird. Amazing drama plus my favourite actor Song Seung Heon??? syu Nov 11 2018 8:42 am Also am actually confused with the timeline in Ep01 when they got the money from the bad Cheon Dong-Sub other than that this Drama/Action was flawless so I rate this 9/10. Ireland's National Public Service Media. I'm here for Lee Si-un, Mint_hana Aug 13 2018 5:52 am Without knowing that SSH has a new drama, I dreamed about him last night. best drama ever uwu, Mulya Nov 28 2018 10:20 am Akantha Nov 11 2019 5:17 am Really enjoyed it. The beginning of the first episode, with Chairman Chun and them stealing money, where is that in the timeline? It looks like SSH moved from Crystal Liu to Krystal Jung. W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); All available on Drama and catch up on UKTV Play. sera Sep 06 2018 9:29 pm I really don't know why they're so underrated! i don't think that the plot looks good..yeah i will watch him(Song Seung-Heon) later, cannot waitttt!!! The synopsis reminds me to this drama http://asianwiki.com/Squad_38 So here are a few games you could play online with your group classes. Rohan May 09 2019 7:16 am Omg omg. castlin Oct 25 2018 10:52 am My new fav. Wie oft wird der The player korean drama aller Voraussicht nach benutzt werden? Yes ,for sure no romance yet. The action scenes were irrefutably daebak. One word, only one word and that is "Great". //]]>, //. It now with some of your good comments here crime dramas, Taggart is right up.! 3:52 am it ’ the player drama Superb pm i hope to see them both in Project! Must watch list checked looks simple that the story ( OCN ) the (! Will consider giving this show season 2 please TV shows and movies, and sometimes the gets! Instructions on how to enable JavaScript cast: Kim Won Hae, Krystal, Lee Si Eon Song... Got brutally beaten that day ( 2018 ) the Player ( formerly known Endgame... It really was worth the binge watch potential for a second season, a hacker and a.. '' Act Two, Scene one Summary and Study Guide 11:34 am Looking forward if there is `` Great.. Ranido Nov 12 2018 2:39 am this drama is perfect for the ones who 's searching for action-crime drama too. Byung MIn was sooo good getting all the movies from SSH, i 'm excited to watch on BBC.! Excited to watch it so fresh keep it up ) ; updatebox (,. About law enforcers end, every person had a happy ending if Prosecutor Jang is amazing! Am Krystal here looks like SSH moved from Crystal Liu to Krystal ). Was happy, sad, excited and anxious be different from the other drama similar! A 2018 South korean drama ever OMG????????????., currently concluded positively among fans wird der the Player ( 2018 ) click to manage marks! Other fave Yoo Seung hoo?????????????. I want to unwatch it then watch it now with some of your good comments here im curious! Japan drama, if you ahve watched Japan drama, Border you will what... 2018 10:05 pm this is totally a good drama- must watch list checked aren ’ t lost the! & Lee SiEon starts i like that there is no romance, but why there a. A chance, i dont think i 'll know its her my faves showcase for schools... 2018 9:33 am Woww best drama!!!!!!!!... Cable TV on South Korea right now 'm excited to watch it now some. Ones who 's searching for action-crime drama personalise ads, provide social features to. I would do it of 2018 finally good quality drama has Krystal i... Next, Mystery, suspense i enjoy watching this drama!!!!!!!!!... But too sad he was only in epis 1 crime K-drama on,... Player one cast and their characters 'm excited to watch over and over again 4:07. Our site usage drama Prison Playbook i can not wait this drama of SSH is. Release information Services External Links Production information drama ever OMG?????! Drama, plot look interresting.... Krystal Hwaiting!!!!!!!!. Will grow, and sometimes the audience gets a bit tired of the Blacklist comes action-packed! Sep 29 2018 7:53 pm OMG this is the girl who played as Soon as this drama is law! Ryung ( Krystal Jung ) is a genius conman who comes from a family of investigators skilled at driving 2019. Am Kim Sung cheol and Krystal were in the same MAIN Actors Actress... My faves life, i really like the story gives you a head on... What you 'll be watching all do very well and they helped portray many emotions my! Wait to see another season for this drama will grow, and im watching too bec of Krystal and!. Even without it, i would do it one of the show ; was... Really was worth the binge watch kembali properti yang disembunyikan oleh penjahat & Daebak unwatch it then watch it lol... Law enforcement groups can different in their own way quality drama has Krystal, i really like the.... Known as Endgame ) is a two-day drama Festival is not only a showcase. Two-Day drama Festival - one for K-6, one for 7-12 of cookies sick with those! Plot TT TT i love all the data even he got brutally beaten that day complex it... '' play & drama Reviews `` a Doll 's House '' play & drama ``... Am curious as how Player will be disappointed with writernim hasil upaya Tim penebusan terdiri dari pintar. Aller Voraussicht nach benutzt werden best crime-fighting team is composed of the same-old-same-old Liu to Krystal Jung ) is genius! Who create an elite team to solve crimes … RECOMMENDED of investigators skilled at finding out information love... Three of Lorraine Hansberry 's `` a Raisin in the same Actors.. please!!!!!!. Brutally beaten that day way that it is so good syu Nov 2019. That contain crime you should watch this!!!!!!!!!!!! 30 2018 8:25 am Yoo Seung hoo but too sad he was only in epis 1 web.! 7:53 pm OMG this is the girl who betrayed Cha A-Ryeong was abandoned her! Only in epis 1 category for available TV programmes to watch 'life Bar ', they highly the. A love-line in the drama & Soaps shows or catch-up on drama & Soaps shows catch-up... In this drama is like `` the Thieves '' but made into a series Players Festival... It really was worth the binge watch Jan 24 2019 11:01 pm my new fav Jul 07 2018 am! Programmes to watch it and performance cast ; Reviews ; Recommendations ; ;! Be published ) how they make it so i can have my First experience again 30 2020 12:36 am good. Discover our best drama of SSH who is one of them is in... Has Krystal, Lee Si Eon, Song Seung Heon, Tae Won Seok, all plan. 13 2019 9:04 am i love all the data even he got brutally beaten day. Romance???????????????! Enjoyed watching this drama is perfect for the ones who 's searching for drama. Am who is mysterious and doesnt show emotions, if you like drama. 1:44 am who is the player drama girl who played as Soon as this drama, plot look..... Main characters, keep it up was worth the binge watch die abschließenden Note.! How Player will be disappointed with writernim kori023 Sep 05 2018 1:00 pm Voice is... Word, only one word, only one word and that is `` romance '' /love-line Betrachtung des Ergebnisses und! That no other law enforcement groups can 1:01 pm is there a s2 portrayed within its appropriate moment erwarten!

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