Legal Services In Oklahoma City And Across The State

The attorneys at Miller & Johnson have an extensive background in both Oklahoma and Federal law. While it's difficult to categorize all areas of our legal experience, we have listed some below that affect a large number of cases. However, it is certainly not the limit of our legal experience or services. If you don't see your area of interest, give us a call at 405-896-4388.


Dispute Resolution

According to Black’s Law Dictionary, a “lawyer” is “a person learned in the law; as an attorney, counsel, or solicitor; a person licensed to practice law.” Not every lawyer is a trial lawyer, but Miller & Johnson lawyers are. We know the court system.


Alternative Dispute Resolution

The vast majority of cases settle before trial. While Miller & Johnson’s lawyers are experienced settlement negotiators, they are also not afraid to be in the minority and go to trial. The lawyers will work with YOU – the client – to identify the best course of action...

Medical Law

Personal Injury, Malpractice, Nursing Home Neglect

When your medical problems become legal issues, Miller & Johnson can provide top-quality legal advice and litigation services. Our attorneys are experienced in navigating the insurance sector, government regulations, expert witnesses, and...

Insurance Law

Plaintiffs & Defendants

Miller & Johnson has a diverse practice covering a wide range of insurance issues, from both the plaintiff’s and defendant’s perspective. Our attorneys provide individual and corporate clients with educated legal advice underpinned by an understanding of...

Trucking Law

Accidents and Safety

Our highly respected team of lawyers has a wealth of experience acting for both commercial carriers and individuals in a broad range of litigation work, from franchise and dealer network issues to accident claims

Products Liability

Defects, Failure

The field of products liability includes three major types of liability -- design defect, manufacturing defect, and failure to warn/marketing defect -- and Miller & Johnson’s attorneys have handled all three, for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Construction Law

Defects In Materials, Workmanship

Miller & Johnson’s attorneys have a wealth of experience in construction defect cases, both residential and commercial, including but not limited to foundation problems, leaking, flooding, mold, roof damage, storm shelter defects, masonry issues, and building code violations.