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Do You Need An Experienced Attorney In Oklahoma City?

Miller & Johnson’s Experienced Trial Lawyers Are Ready To Help.

What do you get when you combine enthusiasm, ambition, and compassion with a wealth of talent and experience? You get Miller & Johnson, PLLC. A team of attorneys always striving to exceed expectations. A law firm seeking to develop innovative solutions to complex legal challenges.Our lawyers are highly educated and experienced, but also caring and committed. With our shared dedication to the highest levels of integrity, and tireless pursuit of excellence, the attorneys at Miller & Johnson believe we have something special to offer the people of Oklahoma.


According to Black’s Law Dictionary, a “lawyer” is “a person learned in the law; as an attorney, counsel, or solicitor; a person licensed to practice law.” Not every lawyer is a trial lawyer, but Miller & Johnson lawyers are. We know the court system.

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The vast majority of cases settle before trial. While Miller & Johnson’s lawyers are experienced settlement negotiators, they are also not afraid to be in the minority and go to trial. The lawyers will work with YOU – the client – to identify the best course of action...

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Medical Law

When your medical problems become legal issues, Miller & Johnson can provide top-quality legal advice and litigation services. Our attorneys are experienced in navigating the insurance sector, government regulations, expert witnesses, and...

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Insurance Law

Miller & Johnson has a diverse practice covering a wide range of insurance issues, from both the plaintiff’s and defendant’s perspective. Our attorneys provide individual and corporate clients with educated legal advice underpinned by an understanding of...

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